In 2007, the crude oil price situation of global market increases continuously affect to the industry part in Thailand and the
production cost of working boiler increasable. Then, the air pollution is poisonous cause the global warming which government circle such
as Ministry of energy, Department of industrial works and Pollution control department give precedence very much about reduce quantity
of exhaust in working boiler that to cause of problem and often from combustion in production line.

         Therefore, Master Com Engineering Co.,Ltd. presents the product about economize fuel and reduce pollution environment for
Boiler and Burner that use fuel oil, diesel, benzene, LPG, NG “Master – Green” have patented technology of the Rentar from
United States of America.

Work of Master-Green For Oil

         Fuel molecules have a tendency to cluster together. At the point of combustion, the outer fuel molecules protect the inner
molecules from being exposed to oxygen, causing some of the inner molecules to go unburned. This process both reduce fuel efficiency
and increase the amount of unburned fuel being blown out of the engine’s exhaust as polluting emissions. Then prior to combustion, fuel
passes through the Master-Green, which is installed on the fuel line. When fuel passes through the device, reactions occur between the
fuel and Master-Green that combination of metals and rare earth elements. These reactions separate the small-sized molecules so that a
greater surface area is exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion. The combustion is more completely and reduce lose energy for
burned. As more efficiency fuel is burned, more energy is created and less unburned fuel is blown out of the exhaust as emissions. A more
efficient burn results in improved fuel consumption and less fuel required to generate horsepower. A cleaner burn results in decreased
emissions, improved oil chemistry, and cleaner engine parts, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements also.
         Hydrogen molecules have gravity to adjoin surface area
inner the Master-Green. When Hydrogen molecules split, resulting
in a greater absorption or Hydrogenation. The combustion is more completely.
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